From Politics, to the Champions of England

Well, what a week it has been! Leicester 4 Manchester City 2, my first ever Leicester City game, and what a game it was. A Vardy hat-trick and a solid win after disappointment  in Europe midweek was a great first taste of seeing the champions of England in action. The day would have been a lot better if my mobile data was working though, was going to put a cheeky fiver on Vardy first goal scorer but couldn’t connect to my betting account! Never mind.

Luckily, the game didn’t cost a penny because the moment I walked into a tutorial lesson yesterday, my course-mate puts his season ticket on the table and goes “enjoy the game mate”. Didn’t expect that.

A day before, I was lucky enough to feature in a Telegraph article regarding the by-election in my local constituency (Sleaford and North Hykeham). I was approached by a journalist on twitter to share some views on what I believe should happen in regards to ‘Brexit’.

Here’s what was said in the article:

“Callum Langlois, an 18 year old De Montfort University undergrad from Sleaford who runs his own business wants Article 50 invoked as soon as possible so we can start thinking about the future.”

Full article here:

Politics and business, it’s a fun mix and always gets people talking (especially me). I’m very proud to have been able to feature in a national newspaper, even if it may not be front page news. Getting my name out there in such media and to almost be ‘bigged up’ as a young entrepreneur has made me realise how far I have come in the past few years. Let’s hope the surprises continue!

So, my week has been quite spontaneous, for me at least. Watching the champions of England play for the first time was a great experience, but to get a mention in the Telegraph is equally as pleasing.

Let me know if you’ve had some exciting things happen this week!

Thanks guys,



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